Fascinating Facts on the Alien and Invasive Species

  • Introduced species – organisms that have been intentionally or unintentionally introduced into areas which are not their natural habitat
  • Invasive species – organism that, with its rapid spread in the newly populated area, leads to significant changes in the ecosystem itself and biodiversity or adversely affect health or the economy
  • So far, over 30 introduced organisms have been recorded in the Montenegrin aquatorium and it is assumed that there are many more. Among them are 7 fish species, 2 crabs, 18 invertebrate species and 5 algae species.
  • Blue crab (Calinectes sapidus) is an invasive species that currently causes the most distress in Montenegrian coast due to high abundace and destruction of fishing nets
  • Caulerpa cylindracea is invasive green alga that grows like a weed in the Adriatic Sea
  • Silver-cheeked toadfish  (Lagocephalus sceleratus) is extremely toxic (contains a strong thermostable neurotoxin – tetrodotoxin) and can be fatal
  • Bluespotted cornetfish (Fistularia commersonii)an important predator, it feeds mainly on commercially significant species such as bogue, red mullet and picarel. It has a high rate of spread and is also called a “lessepsian sprinter”
  • Dusky spinefoot  (Siganus luridus) is the large herbivore, so it significant competitor to the native species Salpa salpa
  • Lion fish (Pterois miles) has poisonous spines

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