Institute of Marine Biology service contract for MONTEAQUA E-SERVICES is awarded to HTEC, with envisaged sub-contractor Bild Studio

PhD Radoje Laušević, Monteaqua manager and Monteaqua team met Mr Stefan Planić director of Bild Studio, company awarded for web design of Boka Aquarium as sub-contractor of HTEC.

Bild Studio will develop WEB portal “Aquarium Boka” and produced video documentaries necessary for web presentation of aquarium. Build Studio will provide templates and suggestions for WEB site structure. Future discussion about WEB will be held through communication management system for user friendly managing. Web site will be dual lingual; all content will be available on Montenegrin and English language.

Web site will use set of graphical standards developed by graphical designer Slobodan Vukićević awarded for visualization of Boka Aquarium.

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