Mostar. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Aquarium Boka is present at the seminar “Biodiversity of the Neretva River” at the Hotel Mostar. At this seminar, held as part of the project “Explore Cross-Border Aquatic Biodiversity – EXChAngE”, tour operators and tour guides are gathered to be introduced by the project team and selected experts with a diversity of aquatic life in the river Neretva. Dr. Anita Dedić, Dr. Anđelka Lasić, and Dr. Jerko Pavličević talk about the biological features of river Neretva watershed, flora and fauna of the River Neretva, as well as about fish diversity and its importance for angling, scientific tourism, and domestic fish gastronomic offer.

Anita Dedić
Anđelka Lasić
Jerko Pavličević
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