Upgrading of the Aquarium Boka is still in progress. Soon, we will install an open-air exhibition in front of the Aquarium Boka, on an area of 950 m2. All aquarium visitors, after entering through the Aquarium gate from the seaside walkway, will have a unique opportunity to enjoy a park with Mediterranean flora, and exhibits set up along the path.

Two exhibition boots are just packed by our contractor, company Metaling doo, and ready for transport. We are preparing our first exhibition which will talk about the invisible world of the sea: bacteria and phytoplankton, and about sea pollution with a focus on plastic. We will change exhibits periodically.

Two digital totems are also prepared, packed, and ready for transport. On 1sqm of the LED display on each totem, we will broadcast informative and educational video materials. The wave-shaped amphitheater is also in the final stage of reconstruction. We will use it for lectures and presentations to the visiting groups. From the open-air exhibition area, the visitors will enter the aquarium proper at the main entrance.

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