General Info

Adriatic Biodiversity Conservation Center “Aquarium Boka” is the organizational unit of the Institute for Marine Biology of the University of Montenegro, founded in 2020. The center has two units: a public aquarium and a rescue center for sea turtles. The Institute is a unique institution in Montenegro that combines research and education to promote and practice the efficient conservation of marine wildlife.


Adriatic Biodiversity Conservation Center “Aquarium Boka” offers several services, grouped in three main service clusters:


  • Aquarium scientists advise seafood companies on methods to enhance the sustainability of commercial fisheries and trade.
  • The Aquarium is hosting various research programmes on Adriatic wild flora and fauna.
  • The Aquarium collaborates with partners around the world to protect ocean ecosystems and establish sea protected areas.


  • Adriatic Biodiversity Conservation Center “Aquarium Boka” showcases the diversity and importance of marine wildlife with particular focus on the Adriatic Sea.
  • The “Aquarium Boka” tanks inspire visitors with the beauty and complexity of marine ecosystem through replication of various marine habitats.
  • Aquarium educators inspire future Adriatic Sea protectors with hands-on programs, mainly summer camps for students in marine biology


  • Rescue Centre for Sea Turtles leads national and regional efforts to rehabilitate and release endangered sea turtles.


The Adriatic Biodiversity Conservation Center “Aquarium Boka” generats several products: 

  • Information brochure
  • Information leaflets
  • Promotional packs (gadgets)
  • Desk researches
  • Field researches


Adriatic Biodiversity Conservation Center “Aquarium Boka” has following goals:

  • Building public awareness and action; 
  • Protecting aquatic species and habitats; 
  • Advocating for conservation solutions; 
  • Serving as role models; and 
  • Moving people to act on behalf of the marine species we seek to protect

The Future

Vision Statement

Our vision is a world where people and sea wildlife share the oceans in harmony.

Mission Statement

Adriatic Biodiversity Conservation Center “Aquarium Boka”  is a catalyst for global sustainability through promoting and practicing effective conservation on behalf of the Adriatic sea’s wildlife.


Find us!

Address: Put I. bokeljske brigade 68, 85330 Kotor, Montenegro
Phone: +382 32 334 570

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