Blue Pass

The Blue Pass is a new tourist card that allows you to visit the cross-border area Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro and visits at reduced prices to four thematic routes: Dubrovnik and the Aquarium (Croatia), Kotor and the Boka Aquarium (Montenegro), Water Trail Hutovo Blato and Water trail Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The blue pass is obtained for free with the purchase of a ticket for the Aquarium Boka, and with it, in addition to discounts on Aquarium Boka tickets, you can also get discounts on tickets when visiting the Aquarium in Dubrovnik, the museum in Mostar and the Hutovo Blato Nature Park.

The digital tourist guide Blue Pass EXCHANGE Guide enables the exploration of the cultural and natural heritage of the cross-border area Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro, and especially the cross-border aquatic biodiversity. For ease of reading and navigating through the content, the guide is structured into sections – each dedicated to one thematic route. Each part has four chapters, presenting (1) natural heritage, (2) cultural heritage, (3) one thematic route and (4) transportation to the site. The chapters are structured into separate topics, keeping as similar a structure as possible throughout the guide. The guide is available under the name “Blue Pass – EXChAngE” for Android on Google Play and for iOS mobile platforms on the App Store.

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