Institute of Marine Biology in Kotor was granted by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to establish Marine Biodiversity Conservation Centre “Boka Aquarium”. Grant contract, in value of 557.850.00 €, was signed by rector of the University of Montenegro prof. dr Danilo Nikolić and ambassador of Norway in Montenegro Arne Sannes Bjørnstad.

The project proposal was submitted for the call “European Integration Strengthening in Serbia and Montenegro”, which was announced by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Belgrade.

The establishment of Marine Biodiversity Conservation Center –BOKAAQUARIUM is going to have multiple significance for the further development of the Institute of Marine Biology, especially in the segments of the preservation, research and protection of the Adriatic Sea. Within the Marine center the first public aquarium in Montenegro will be established which will provide a view of the diversity of flora and fauna in the Adriatic Sea. It will have important role in education of pupils and students in Montenegro and the region.

The center will focus on the protection of endangered species of marine fauna and flora, as well as experimental research from various scientific fields. According to the project, it is planned to establish a freshwater aquarium on the Skadar Lake, through the future cooperation with the National Parks of Montenegro

By realizing the planned activities, the Institute of Marine Biology will make an effort to bring together all interested institutions to contribute to the faster fulfillment of objectives through Negotiation Chapter 27 – Environment, especially in the field of marine ecosystem protection. This will enable the University of Montenegro and the Institute of Biology to once again confirm their dedication and work in fulfilling all given criteria through negotiation chapters, as well as the quality and faster integration of Montenegro into the European Union.

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