MonteAqua project compatible with strategic programs of National Parks of Montenegro

Mr. Elvir Klica, Director of Public Enterprise National Parks of Montenegro (PENPM) hosted in its headquarters in Podgorica, Montenegro MonteAqua project team. PhD Mirko Đurović, Director of Institute for Marine Biology in Kotor and MonteAqua project director presented project activities to Mr. Klica and his team. Ms. Nela Vešović Dubak, Head of Unit for Education, Promotion and Tourism and Mr. Aleksandar Mijović, Head of Unit for Sustainable Tourism and Biodiversity expressed high interest for presented MonteAqua activities. Particular focus was given to the concept of “Skadar” Aquarium, planned to be located in National park “Skadarsko Jezero”. Planned freshwater aquarium will present Skadar lake’s endemic species and species of particular importance for sustainable fishing. Special attention will be given to suggested flagship species European eel (Anguilla anguilla) and its life cycle, ecological importance, economic importance, protection and preservation. Initial ideas on extending project on National parks and setting up integrated visiting programme for school students were also discussed.

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