Kotor. Montenegro. Project MonteAqua increased public awareness on the importance of water ecosystems and the EU integration process in Chapter 27: Environment by publishing two studies:

Pešić, A., Ikica, Z., Joksimović, A., Djurović, M., Laušević, R. (2018): Rare and Endangered Fish Species in The Adriatic Sea and Proposal for Marine Flagship Species. Kotor: University of Montenegro, Institute of Marine Biology. 49 pp.

Mrdak, D., Djurović, M., Laušević, R. (2018): Evaluating status of European eel (Anguilla anguilla) in Skadar Lake. Kotor: Institute of Marine Biology, University of Montenegro. 23 pp.

The project also proposed conservation of marine areas in Montenegro as presented in the study::

Petović, S. (2018): Zaštita obalnog i morskih područja Crne Gore. Kotor: Univerzitet Crne Gore, Institut za biologiju mora. 21 str.

Through the project we also contributed to the prevention of marine pollution, as presented in the study:

Mandić, M., Djurović, M., Drakulović, D., Krasić, M., Laušević, R. (2018): Preventing marine pollution. Kotor: University of Montenegro, Institute of Marine Biology. 33 pp.

We are inviting you to read the listed studies and further distribute them through your expert networks.

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