Prof. Srećko Trifunović, Dean of Faculty of Natural Science, University of Kragujevac hosted  MonteAqua project team

Dr. Mirko Đurović, Director of Institute for Marine Biology in Kotor and MonteAqua project director presented project activities to Prof. Srećko Trifunović, who expressed interest for transfering knowledge during project implementation according to that Aquarium Kragujevac has experience and expertise in setting up and running Center for Fisheries and Biodiversity Conservation of inland waters, including public freshwater aquarium.

To provide this, partnership agreement need to be developed. PhD Mirko Đurović and PhD Vladica Simić are requested to develop draft agreement, to be discussed and signed as soon as possible, and not later than January 2018.

Tasks that Aquarium Kragujevac will provide are:

  • Providing local coordinator Kragujevac
  • Developing conceptual design of Marine Biodiversity
  • Conservation Center “Boka Aquarium”
  • Developing conceptual design of freshwater aquarium “Skadarsko jezero”
  • Providing continuous support and advice for setting up and maintaining Marine Biodiversity Conservation Center “Boka Aquarium” and freshwater aquarium “Skadarsko jezero”

Project partners agreed to appoint dr. Mirko Đurović as project director and dr. Vladica Simić as deputy project director.

During project implementation particular focus will be on the importance of ex-situ protection of marine and freshwater biodiversity.

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